Banking at Springbok Casino


Banking at Springbok Casino

When it comes to banking with Springbok Casino, you will find that you have an array of depositing and withdrawing options to choose from that are used to ensure the process is quick and easy.banking

Springbok Casino supports these banking methods.


With MasterCard or Visa, you will need to make a minimum deposit of R25 and the deposit is instant. This is a simple way for you to make deposits at the casino. Once your deposit has been approved the amount will be credited to your account.

Easy EFT

With Easy EFT you will need to make a minimum deposit of R25 and it is instant. Easy EFT is an instant electronic funds transfer, which allows you to make online payments securely and directly from your bank account for free. You will not need to register or use a credit card. It is a simple process where you first select your bank and then follow the Easy EFT process. You might be charged an EFT fee depending on your bank.

Wire Transfer

With a wire transfer you will need to make a minimum withdrawal of R1500 and it can take up to 20 business days to process this. With a standard wire transfer an additional fee might be charged.


With Skrill you will need to make a minimum deposit of R25 and a minimum withdrawal of R500. The deposit is instant and a withdrawal could take between 48 and 72 hours. This method is safe, easy and quick.


With Neteller you will need to make a minimum deposit of R25, which is instant and the minimum with draw is R500 and takes between 48 and 72 hours. Neteller is a way to make secure online payments.


With EcoPayz you will need to make a minimum deposit of R25 and the minimum you can withdraw is R500. The deposits are instant and will take 48 to 72 hours for you to get your withdrawal. EcoPayz is an e-wallet and is one of the easiest and safest ways to fund an account. You will first need to register for EcoPayz, but then you can load from EcoPayz to your Springbok Casino Account.

Secure Instant Deposit

With Secure Instant Deposit you will need to make a minimum deposit of R25 and your minimum withdrawal amount is R500. You are able to make deposits instantly with your South African bank account. It is a web based payment service that allows South Africans to pay online directly from their bank account.

As you can see Springbok Casino offer you a number of ways to deposit and withdraw money in no time at all


Taking Advantage of Free Play


One of the most popular activities now is gambling on the internet. It is quite easy to find online casinos as you might be presented with ads or just a quick search on the internet will bring up plenty of online casinos. The problem for first time players is not finding an online casino, but knowing the rules, the procedures and the strategies that come with online casino games.

You are able to read plenty of articles about online casino games, but nothing is better than actually playing. As a beginner player you could end up losing more money if you just jump in and start playing. Also this is a sure way for online casinos to lose potential customers.

It is then in the interest of the players as well as the online casino to allow players to play the casino games for free.

free play


Players will need to register at the online casino, but they will then have the option of playing for free. Players will need to simply select the game that they wish to try and the casino will give them a number of credits which you can then play with. These credits cannot be cashed out as they are just for free play. If the player though loses all of these credits then you will just need to reload the game and start again.

Playing for free should not be taken lightly, but rather seen as a learning experience and also a stepping stone in to playing for real money.

Whilst you are playing a game for free you will need to know certain aspects of the game as you play. You will need to first know the rules of the game and the variants for each of the games. You will also need to understand the mechanics of the game. These two key things though are easy to learn and know. The hard part knows the strategy especially for games like video poker and blackjack.

You will need to have care when you look at understanding and practicing the bankroll management. The free credits that are given in free play should be treated as real money so that you practice caution and know the pay-outs and strategy better.

Online casinos have now also introduced a no deposit bonus. This is where a bonus is offered to new players that sign up at the online casino.

The no deposit bonus is usually quite small so players should play with minimum bets so that they are able to try out more games.

Free play and no deposit bonuses are then a great way for new players to test out an online casino and the games. It will give them a better understanding if they want to play at the online casino and if they enjoy the games on offered. If as a new player you think you do, then you are able to take the final step and play for real money.


SpringBok Casino Review


The SpringBok Casino is a newer casino which is powered by real Time Gaming. You are offered high quality games that can be played instantly through your browser.

Highlights of Springbok Casino

  • Great promotions and bonuses
  • Great graphics and pictures scenes of Africa
  • New games every month
  • Easy banking options and they support Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Wore Transfer, Moneybookers and Eco.
  • More than 200 games


SpringBok casino offers a special bonus of up to R11 500 for the first three deposits.

The first deposit is a 100% match bonus up to R1500. The second and third deposit is a match bonus of 50% up to R5000.

springbok casino


On the 7th day of every month there is another bonus of 100% up to R777.

You are able to earn comp points with every wager you make which can be redeemed for cash.


SpringBok Casino offers more than 200 games. Most of the games are themed with wildlife. You are able to play classic slots like Triple 7 Inferno and Pharaoh’s Gold, video slots which are 5 reel like Fruity Frenzy slot, Coat of Arms, Crystal Waters and Count Spectacular, progressive jackpots like Aztecs Millions, Cleopatra’s Gold and Jackpot Pinata, table games including European roulette, blackjack, craps, poker and baccarat among others and also card games like face up 21 blackjack, pontoon, tri card poker and more.


You are able to contact Springbok Casino at any time through their live chat feature, telephone, email and through social network sites like Twitter and Facebook.



Seven Card Stud Variations


Seven Card Stud Variations

These poker games are based on seven card stud, but they all have differences from the original according to online-poker-rules.net.

Razzrazz poker

Razz is a variation of seven card stud, but you will play for the lowest hand. The highest hand in this type of seven card stud will then not win. The lowest hand that you are able to get in Razz is A-2-3-4-5. An ace in a five card straight is the bike or wheel and the ace is a low card in Razz.

Follow the Queen

The follow the queen variation has a wild card. The game is dealt in the same way as seven card stud, however the wild card is not chosen by the dealer. The cards that are dealt will determine the wild card. When a queen is dealt face up to a player then the following card which is face up will become the wild card. If another queen is dealt, then the next card will take the place of the wild card. If a queen is the last card to be dealt then there are no wild cards.


Chicago is a split pot variation. This is when the high hand will split the pot with the player that holds the highest spade in the hole. The high hand and the spade can be held by just one player, which means that this player will take the whole pot.


In this seven card stud alternative, there are wild cards. The wild cards are 3s and 9s and when you are dealt a four you will receive an extra card. This card can then be played when players will have to add a forced bet and add a certain amount into the pot. This happens when 3s, 9s and 4s are dealt.

As there are 8 wilds and the possibility of a player having 8 or 9 cards in their hand, a winning hand can be five of a kind or a straight flush.



How to Play Five Card Stud Poker


How to Play Five Card Stud Poker

Back in the time of cowboys and outlaws, five card stud poker was being played in West saloons and is the original form of poker. Five card stud poker is not as popular as it was during the American Civil War but it is still a poker variation to learn as it forms the basis for so many other games.five card stud poker

Here is how to play five card stud poker by http://www.playcasino.co.za/

Five Card Stud Poker

  1. Each player is first dealt one card that is face down and one card that is face up.
  2. There are two options for the first bet. The first option is a forced bet or a bring in where the player with the lowest face up card will need to put in a certain amount. The second option is where there is no forced bet and the first choice of whether to bet or check will go to the player that has the highest face up card. If there are two players that have the same face up card then the player that is first clockwise from the dealer will get the first option.
  3. Once the round of betting is complete, each player will receive another card that is dealt face up.
  4. The player now that has the highest hand showing will get to bet first.
  5. After each round of betting the players that remain will be dealt another face up card until each player has received four cards face up. Once the fourth face up card has been dealt, there is a final betting round. The players will then reveal their face down or hole card to reveal their entire five card poker hand.
  6. The winner is the player that has the highest hand.

In order to play five card stud poker you will need:

  • Two to ten players
  • A deck of cards and
  • Poker chips.

Playing Online Casino


Welcome to Playing Online Casino where you will find a wealth of casino games as well as tips and tricks to play these games and hopefully your luck will be in, so that you can win.

online gambling


When it comes to playing casino games online you will need to know all the gambling laws involved as well as the sites individual terms and conditions so that you can have a legal and wonderful experience. Not only do you need to know the rules associated with online gambling but you will want to know that banking with the online casino is safe.

Banking with Playing Online Casino

At Playing Online Casino your personal details will be safe with the safe, secure and reliable banking transactions offered which will give you peace of mind when you gamble online. If you're South African choose to play at the best online Casino in South Africa - Playcasino.co.za.

The transactions that take place are protected by secure technology which will guarantee protection from hackers and information theft.

We are committed to ensuring that you gambling experience are secure.




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