Seven Card Stud Variations


Seven Card Stud Variations

These poker games are based on seven card stud, but they all have differences from the original according to online-poker-rules.net.

Razzrazz poker

Razz is a variation of seven card stud, but you will play for the lowest hand. The highest hand in this type of seven card stud will then not win. The lowest hand that you are able to get in Razz is A-2-3-4-5. An ace in a five card straight is the bike or wheel and the ace is a low card in Razz.

Follow the Queen

The follow the queen variation has a wild card. The game is dealt in the same way as seven card stud, however the wild card is not chosen by the dealer. The cards that are dealt will determine the wild card. When a queen is dealt face up to a player then the following card which is face up will become the wild card. If another queen is dealt, then the next card will take the place of the wild card. If a queen is the last card to be dealt then there are no wild cards.


Chicago is a split pot variation. This is when the high hand will split the pot with the player that holds the highest spade in the hole. The high hand and the spade can be held by just one player, which means that this player will take the whole pot.


In this seven card stud alternative, there are wild cards. The wild cards are 3s and 9s and when you are dealt a four you will receive an extra card. This card can then be played when players will have to add a forced bet and add a certain amount into the pot. This happens when 3s, 9s and 4s are dealt.

As there are 8 wilds and the possibility of a player having 8 or 9 cards in their hand, a winning hand can be five of a kind or a straight flush.


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